National President

Peter Good


Phone: 07887777923

Phone: 01530415179

Peter Good

Gentleman thank you for allowing me to be your President. People who know me know that whatever job I am given I put my whole heart into it.

With the current times of Lockdown and the increase usage of on-line activities via platforms such as Zoom, it is clear that our strategy to reach out to members needs to increase. I am willing to attend any of your virtual meetings, should you wish to invite me.

If any clubs are struggling with IT knowledge please pick up the phone and our IT experts will help you.

41 Club is certainly not closed for business. We are starting up new clubs, and I have already been invited to many meetings; AGMs, speaker evenings or quiz nights, or even just a chat with each other for a laugh or two, and these virtual meetings can be so much fun.

We are all learning, and I am not an IT person. All I used my computer for was sending out invoices and estimates before this situation came along, but Mark House our Webmaster has talked me through it on the phone and now I really enjoy it.

We had many fantastic events going to happen during our 75th year that have all been put on hold and may not happen until next year but they will take place.

I am happy we have some new enthusiastic councillors, keen to help me move the organisation forward.

So, remember guys we are open for business. I would like to do my Q & A virtual meetings weekly in different regions. We will have speaker nights every two weeks, and there is Kilsh‘s cookery club on-going and other entertaining nights coming on-line.

To help you all get through these lockdown times go onto and order some 41 Club Gin.

Please contact me on or on 07887 777923 if I can help you.

Stay safe, take care.

Peter Good.