Best Western Hotel Group


Best Western Hotel group are offering a discount of 8% for our members. If you wish to book up to 3 rooms simply call Best Western reservation on 0800 393 130, or Email – or book online via

You will need to quote or Input your client specific Best Western Company Specific ID and this can be obtained by contacting or by looking in the members handbook.

For 4-5 rooms ring 0800 393 130 or email booking.service@bestwestern. com and quote our corporate ID

For 6 rooms or more either email , call 0844 387 6410 or book online via and follow the links for the meeting, business conference tab quoting our corporate I​D​

All of the benefits as offered to members are done so on a best endeavours basis. We do check on the organisation making the offer, yet 41 Club takes no responsibility for any offer changes nor the delivery of any products or services from the suppliers.