This is a private members group for 41-ers and other members of The Round Table Family who enjoy nosing, tasting, discussing and sharing the "Uisge Beatha" - the Water of Life. Information, news and views on whiskies and distilleries will be shared here together with details of planned whisky tasting events.

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Our Next Event - Tasting on 26th March 2021

This evening should be a fun evening - different people have different tastes (life would be boring if we all liked exactly the same thing) so you may find some hidden gem of aroma or flavour that differs from our tasting notes please use the chat function to share with us.

So before we get started I'll post an aroma chart and a colour chart - think this was the problem last time so fingers crossed.

To make your tasting more enjoyable you should have some water with you - to add a few drops into the whiskies to open them up and allow flavours to develop and also to sip between samples to refresh your palate. If you have some oatcakes or even a piece of bread showing this between samples also helps get you ready for the next one.

The evening will start with a brief introduction to whisky its history and how and where it is made then onto the interesting part of the evening-

We have 5 drams this evening and our plan is to taste one and then we will randomly pop you into one of 8-10 breakout rooms where you can say hello and have a chat with other whisky tasters, then we will get back together in the main meeting and move onto the next region of Scottish Malt production.

Look forward to seeing you all this evening.


Aroma Wheel

Whisky aroma wheel

Colour Chart

Whisky colour chart